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History of Amarapura 

Amarapura is now merely a southern extension of greater Mandalay but it was once the capital of Murma. It was founded by King Bodawpaya in 1782 AD as his new capital. The king transferred the capital from Innwa (or Ava). Amarapura means City of Immortality. King Bagyidaw, grandson of Bodawpaya shifted the capital back to Innwa in 1823, but King Bodaw’s grandson and successor, King Bagydaw shifted his capital to Innwa (Ava). However, King Tharrawaddy, his successor again took the capital back to Amarapura in 1837 and it remained the seat of Myanmar Kings until King Mindon built Mandalay in 1857 and shifted the capital there in 1860.

Amarapura is laid out in perfect square surrounded by brick walls and a moat. There are 12 gates, three each on one side. Above the gates are wooden pavilions and the banks of the moat are properly laid with bricks. As the Amarapura place buildings are dismantled and used in constructing the Mandalay City, only part of the old city walls and some religious edifices remained. Only the Treasury building and Record Office can be seen today.
Amarapura is famous for the Silk Weaving Industry. Most of the Myanmar people are very proud to attend the cultural ceremonies with Achiek Longyi, mainly produced from Amarapura.