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BURI RUM Overview

Buri Rum literally means the pleasant city. It is a city with abundant sandstone sanctuaries of ancient Khmer culture. It is situated in the lower part of the Northeastern region, about 410 km from Bangkok. The province covers a total of 10,322 sqm. There are archaeological finds of pre-historic human habitation and ancient ruins from the Dvaravati period. The most important historical evidence found in the city includes more than 60 sandstone sanctuaries scattered around the area. There are also discoveries of important Khmer pottery kiln sites which date back to the 10th-13th century.

After the ancient Khmer period the historical evidence of Buri Ram started again in the late Ayutthaya period as a protectorate of Nakhon Ratchasima. The city also appeared again during the Thon Buri and Rattanakosin periods. Then in 1933, there was restructuring of the regional administrative system which turned Buri Rum into a province until the present day.

Buri Rum is a land of ancient Khmer prosperity. The southern part of the province has number of Khmer sanctuaries, the most magnificent being Phanom Rung, regarded as one of the most beautiful examples of Khmer architecture in Thailand. Buri Ram is 410 kilometres from Bangkok. It has an area of 10,322 square kilometres.