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History of Loei 


Loei is an ecotourism city surrounded by undulating mountain ranges whose summits are covered by foggy lines, abundant with various kinds of flora. The well-known ones are Phu Kradueng, Phu Luang and Phu Ruea. Its temperature is comfortably cool, with beautiful geographical surrounding, as well as, unique cultures and traditions; Phi Ta Khon, awaiting travellers to come and experience the miracle of this land.


Loei is 520 kilometres from Bangkok, covering an area of 11,424 square kilometres. It is a boundary province located in the upper northeastern part of Thailand, on the bank of the Mekong River along the Phetchabun mountain range. In the past, it was a small community in a prosperous empire during the same period as the Thai Kingdom of Ayutthaya. Later, the Lan Chang Empire became weaker, therefore, the community moved to be with Ayutthaya. During the reign of King Rama V of the Rattanakosin period, the community was upgraded to be Loei province. Loei is divided into 14 districs ; namely, Amphoe Mueang Loei, Amphoe Wangsaphung, Amphoe Pak Chom, Amphoe Chiang Khan, Amphoe Tha Li, Amphoe Phu Ruea, Amphoe Dan Sai, Amphoe Phu Kradueng, Amphoe Na Haeo, Amphoe Na Duang, Amphoe Phu Luang, Amphoe Pha Khao, Amphoe Erawan, and Amphoe Nong Hin.