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This stunning city is the pride and joy of all Laotians. It is the ancient capital of Laos and was named a UNESCO World Heritage Site in 1997. Luang Prabang abounds in both natural and historical sites, like the mighty Kuang Si Waterfalls or the awe-inspiring Pak Ou caves.


There are plenty of ecotourism opportunities: an elephant rides, jungle treks, or visits to traditional villages. The old city is also becoming popular as a shopping destination, with its colorful night market and its high end boutiques, offering a huge choice lao handicrafts.


For the Laotians, the city is mostly a spiritual place: ghosts of its glorious past still haunts the National Museum, the former royal palace, and hundreds of young monks still come to learn the teachings of the Buddha in its glittering temples. 

The many well-preserved colonial houses are also a significant part of the town’s appeal. Tourism has been steadily increasing over the years, and infrastructures have developed, but the serene and gentle atmosphere of Luang Prabang still remains typically Lao.