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The kingdom of Thailand is a predominantly Buddhist country, and one of the finest countries in the world in which to spend a vacation. Throughout 700 years of independence, the Thai Kingdom has displayed an amazing continuity, underpinned by the peoples’ unwavering adherence to Buddhism, the national religion, and to the monarchy, which, constitutional since

1932, is as deeply revered now as it was in the days when kings were literally ‘Lords of Life’.


These and other enduring traditions exemplify and quintessential “Thainess’ which indelibly colours the nation and gives the sense of an ancient land that is different. Yet, the Thais miraculously combine a sincere respect of the past with zest for the new and a joy in today’s pleasures.


It is precisely such a seeming paradox which makes Thailand so rewarding. Here is not only a truly multi-faceted destination of enormous cultural and topographical diversity, but also all the modern advantages to ensure the most pleasurable travel experience. From exclusive service to superior opportunities for sightseeing, accommodation, dining and shopping, the traveler will find plenty to appreciate.


Variety is indeed the spice of life in Thailand. From the golden-spired temples of Bangkok to the majestic ruins of ancient capitals of Bangkok to tranquil charm of rural towns to the excitement of tropical beach resorts, there is no shortage of choice. No matter how many times you’ve visited before, there is always something fresh to discover.


For travelers, Thailand is the only gateway in which to experience the special life of Southeast Asia. Due to the fact that the country has never been colonized, the Thai individuality blooms and remains vibrant.


Thai culture is evident everywhere in the Kingdom: In Buddhist rites which take place in numerous Thai temples, the succession of festivals that occur throughout the year, and the country markets where locals haggle, politely, for everything from food to clothing.


Nature, too, has been generous, as varied as the historical and cultural attractions are the beauty of the ever-changing landscape. You can escape to a tropical island hideaway, laze on a pristine sandy beach, go mountain biking amid high, forest-clad hills, journey up the Chao Phraya River or explore the flora and fauna of more than 60 national parks.


When the journey is over, the Kingdom will leave visitor with the desire to return again and again, as the smells, sights and memories of a land and people remain indelible in their thoughts, for Thailand is a feast that they will always carry with them.