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See for yourself this exciting country where so many wars were fought. Marvel at the strength and resiliency of its people as you explore its culture and natural beauty.




Larger and more densely populated than its Mekong neighbors, Vietnam is also culturally distinct. Whereas ancient Lao PDR and Cambodia were influenced by India, Vietnam’s cultural roots are Chinese. Hence, the art, architecture, the religious mix and the social fabric in general are quite different.


Vietnam has become the tourist attraction for more than ten years. Nowadays, most of the trevellers know Vietnam very well as one of the tourist attractions in Asia, a part of the travel Indochina.


Traveling to Vietnam is now very convenient. Most of the travellers who travel in Asia can get there easily with many flights from Thailand, Laos and  Cambodia. While you are traveling in Vietnam, or travelling around Vietnam, there are many flights during the trip to fly from Hanoi to Hue or Danang, and from Hue or Danang to Saigon.Trips to Vietnam Cambodia and Laos can be arranged by any travel agents in Asia.


Vietnam beach vacation is another option for the nature lovers. Vietnam has a very long cost line from the north to the south with may beautiful beaches. Trip to Halong Bay is the most popular among the tourists from all over the world. If one is planning the trip to Vietnam, it may require a few days up to three weeks to travel throughout the country.


The history of Vietnam is largely defined by a 1,000-year expansion of the Vietnamese from north to south, gradually achieving dominance over the Chams in the centre of the country and the Khmer in the Mekong delta area. A dynasty of emperors, with their capital at Hue, unified the country in 1802 until the French exerted colonial control in the middle of the 19th century. Only after the end of the Vietnam War in 1975 was the country again united as a single independent nation.





There are three most famous parts of Vietnam that most of the tourist enjoy their visit. The north which is famous for Halong Bay and other historic sites in Hanoi itself. Hanoi is the central of politics.


Halong Bay cruise is magnificent if one has more time to spend in this paradise on earth. It is the opportunity to see the rocks formation which has similar scene as Kui Lin in China. The sight-seeing tour in Hanoi reveals the history of Vietnam and its people. In addition, the trip to Sapa to visit ethnic minorities is also one of the must things to do in the north of Vietnam.


Central Vietnam differs from the north. It was influenced by the Hindu culture. There are may tourist attraction places to visit. The most famous tourist destinations are Hue, Danang and Hoi An. Hue used to be the capital city of Vietnam, Hoi An is the World Heritage Site with the royal cuisine, Danang is a big harbor city and very well known during the Vietnam War. 


South of Vietnam, Saigon or Hochiminh City involved in the Vietnamese history during Vietnam War. It is the center of the capitalism and the most modern city of Vietnam today. Besides, there are many tour packages from Saigon to other cities. For example, the trip to visit Cu Chi Tunnel used by the Vietnamese communists during the war time, Mekong Delta tours and so on.


Trips to Vietnam is not just to see the country that has a long history of the wars with neighboring countries, but also to learn and experience the real beautiful of nature,  friendliness of people, the cuisine from the north down to the south of Vietnam.In addition, for those who love to luxury travel in Vietnam, there are many high-end hotels to choose from especially, in Hanoi, and Saigon.





The best time to travel to Vietnam is from November until February. The hot, rainy season start from mid-May to Mid-September in the north. The weather is warm and dry from mid-October to mid-March.


The north of Vietnam is usually cool in the winter time. Some years, the temperature drops down to 8°C as it is very close to China. In Hanoi, the average temperature is 23°C. There are essentially four distinct seasons, which are most evident in the northern provinces.


The hot season of Vietnam is from May to October. Traveling in Vietnam in summer time is pretty hot, but it is still beautiful especially in the north and in the south of Vietnam.


Travelling in Saigon and Mekong Delta area during summer time is very hot as Saigon has only two season, summer and rainy seasons. If one can stand the heat, it is not a problem. Summer season starts from March to May. It is hot, humid and rainy. 


Please note: Everyone should avoid traveling to Vietnam during the Tet New Year. Most of the people will close their houses and shops to cerebrate this festival. it is very difficult to find the restaurants or buy something from the shop. It is also difficult to get the tickets for all kinds of transportation. 




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