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A valid passport with Entry visa is essential for all tourists & businessmen You can get a visa to enter Myanmar by applying directly to the nearest Myanmar Embassy and Consulate General Offices abroad.  The usual fee for a tourist visa is USD $20. You can also apply through a travel agent, but they will charge a fee for their service. If you already have a visa when you arrive at the airport, you can proceed directly to immigration.

Both Tourist Visa & Business Visa for Myanmar are valid for 28 days, extendible to 14 days for tourists & 3 months for business. You must enter Myanmar before the expiration of the visa (valid 90 days after issue).

Note: Immigration laws and regulations do change and recently there have been many changes. Alwasys check with the Myanmar Embassy in your country and/or a travel agent regarding current visa regulations.



There are two types of Visa called EVT (FIT) and EVT (Package) Visa:


E.V.T (Package Tour Visa)

You can apply the visa at Myanmar Embassy or consulate with prior arrangements and confirmation from us. Essence of Asia-Travel Co., Ltd. will send you our Package Tour Confirmation Letter after getting guests’ names and passport details. We will need the full names, passport numbers, nationality and name of Myanmar Embassy we have to send the letter. A copy of the letter will be send to you by fax or e-mail. With this letter and passport and 3 Photos, you can apply Package Tour Visa.


E.V.T (F.I.T Visa)


This Visa can be obtained at every Myanmar embassy or consulate by submitting passport and 3 photographs! You don't need Invitation letter for it and usually it takes 4-5 days and visa fee is USD 20. It was necessary to change 200 USD into equivalent 200 FEC compulsorily till the last September 2003. But, now government release it and those FIT visa holders also do not need to change FEC 200 on arrival at the Yangon airport. But we would like to strongly recommend that our clients to get the E.V.T Package visa by getting the recommendation letter from us.




You can obtain a visa from Myanmar Embassies in the various country .The International points of entry and exit in Myanmar are Yangon International Airport and Mandalay International Airport. If you have not enough time to apply the visa, or Myanmar Embassy is not in your country , Essence of Asia-Travel Co., Ltd. can arrange Visa on Arrival Service upon your arrival. 





The information that you need to prepare is as followed:

1. Clients full name
2. Sex
3. Passport numbers.
4. Date of issue and place of issue.
5. Date of expire.
6. Father's name.
7. Date of Birth and place of birth.
8. Occupation.
9. Home address.
10. Nationality.
11. Scanned passport size photographs (can send by email to gbstt@myanmar.com.mm).
12. Countries for passport valid.
13. Self declaration of free from Myanmar politic and religious disputes.

14. Air ticket booking / Air ticket to Myanmar




1. The above data are needed to be get at least two weeks working days ahead to apply Ministry of Hotels and Tourism and Ministry of Immigration. (It is a must apply Visa-on-arrival through licensed tour company from Ministry of Hotel and Tourism.)

2. After getting “Approval letter for Visa on arrival” we will send it to prove for boarding to the respective Airline. All the airlines with connections to Yangon are informed of this procedure and you may show this 'Approval Letter' on airline check in.

3. One of our staff will be there to initiate all entry procedures and meet and greet you at the door of Airport Arrival Hall to assist Visa on Arrival. Please bring 3 Passport size photos only.

4. Visa on Arrival service USD – 50 per person including Visa fee.

Currently pre-arranged visas on arrival are available at Yangon International Airport. Contact your travel organizer (travel agent) to arrange for this in advance. you can board your flight with a copy of the approval letter of pre arranged visa on arrival which is issued by the Ministry of Tourism.

the procedure at the 'Visa on Arrival' window is somewhat disorganized. Passengers form a kind of scrum in front of the window, and you have to ask for an application, and after filling it our, you have to hand in the application with your passport. Then you wait by the window for them to process the application. Then they hold up your passport, and you get it back. You can then proceed through immigration.

Tourist visas are single entry, and valid for 28 days stay in the country. Contact the Myanmar Embassy in your country for information on other types of visas.

The visa sticker is a full-page type. make sure you have an empty full-page in the visa part of your passport. You may, or may not, be asked a passport sized photo. Always have a couple of passport sized with you, just in case.

CAUTION: At the "Visa on Arrival" window, only US dollars are accepted. Make sure you have fairly new dollar bills. Any bills that are old, dirty, torn, written on, or heavily creased will be rejected.




At present, tourist visas aver valid for 28 days and cannot be extenbded if you plan to stay in the country longer, there is a multi-entry bysiness visa you can apply for. However, you will need a recommendation letter from a company in Myanmar. Contact your nearest Myanmar ecbassy for more information.




Overstay in Myanmar is illegal and no matter what the reason for your overstay, you may have a problem at places where you will need to show your passport (i.e. hotel, ferry, train, airport, etc). For more information, please contact your travel agent, or the Yangon international Airport.